lørdag den 28. august 2010

Clay, painting, sculpture, handicrafts etc.


You can follow various examples of my art and my design on the following 3 pages.
You ar welcome to contact me at identity@webspeed.dk

Sculptures in bronze - a little bit of anything

Tiny ladies

Sculptures in bronze - a little bit of everything

Just a sex'er

Ongoing work: Paintings / Series of happy feelings

Paintings - series of happy feelings, acrylic and oil, on canvas (100 x 100 cm.)

No 1: Harmony
No 2: Reflection

Ongoing work: Sculptures in bronze / Series abouth duality in live

Series of dual feelings:
No 1: preparation: Longing and consulation

Ongoing work: Sculptures in bronze, etc. / series of happy, fat lady - continues

Series of  active, happy, fat ladies.
no.4, in preparation: Swing lady aired

mandag den 28. september 2009

Ongoing work: Sculpture in bronze etc. / Series of happy fat ladies - continues

 Series of active, happy, fat ladies.
No. 3: in preparation: teddy lady ready for lov